GLOBE projects focus on student research experiences to explore and learn about Earth through a network of students, teachers, and scientists.

Whether it is a simple exploration of local temperature variation using one of our easy to implement scientist-designed protocols, or an in-depth exploration of the carbon cycle with computer-based modeling, GLOBE projects are grounded in real science embedded in an inquiry-based, collaborative approach.







Our Program

Our program is focused on providing academically gifted students in middle school and high school with opportunities to participate in international science research projects.  The projects are very challenging and prepare the students for college-level opportunities.  Below is a list of the type of research and development projects that our students are presently working on.


  • Alternative Energy (biofuel, wind energy, hydrogen-fuel cell)
  • Environmental Conservation (water conservation, waste management)
  • Food Security
  • Healthcare



As a requirement of joining ECOTEK, all student members must attend a summer science program at a major university.  We assist in helping students in identifying and selecting the program that is right for them.  Below are the summer science programs our students have attended.


  • Michigan Technological University - Pre-engineering Program
  • Michigan State University - Pre-engineering Program
  • University of Michigan - Pre-engineering Program
  • NASA Rocket and Space Program


Start an ECOTEK Affiliate Club for Teachers and Administrators

With the increase in globalization, the need for internationally astute young scientists and engineers is greater than ever before.  To help reach more high performing students, we are offering a limited number of affiliate club licenses.  The minimum number of student scientists for an affiliate club is 15.


As an affiliate club, you and your student scientists will have the opportunity to work on a wide range of global research projects. You will also have access to supplies, lab facilities, hands-on training and access to our global network of international scientists that will help you better instruct and supervise your students through their research.  To get more information on our affiliate club please more


SUMMER 2014 Research Scientist Development Program

The purpose of the Research Scientist Development Program is to help students enhance their scientific skills through hands-on work in a research environment. It is also the primary way that we evaluate student scientists that have an interest in joining our program on a long-term basis. The work that students do range from learning how to develop and implement a research plan to learning how to make biofuel. 


During the summer we offer four 1 week sessions that cover everything from making biofuel to isolating DNA to building an electric bike. Homework is given daily. After each session, the students are evaluated (e.g. timely completion of homework, pre-class preparation, proficiency when working in the lab, passion for learning). The top performing students in each session are given the opportunity to work on real-world research projects at ECOTEK, Lab with members of our Senior Science Research Team.  more







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